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Hawkesbury, NSW


The 60-acre freehold property has been in the Ferris Family for over 50 years. The estate vineyards, nestled on the banks of the pristine Colo River, grow Merlot, Shiraz and Semillon grapes.

We are a boutique operation, in a good year bottling up to 8,000 bottles. All of our JoJo’s Jetty wines benefit from an overarching discipline, that only the very best and healthiest grapes are picked – all carefully hand-picked by the owner’s family and friends. If we have a disappointing vintage year, we don’t make wine.

Our commitment is to only bottle what we ourselves enjoy and what we can be proud to make available to others.

Life is too short to bother with less!


The JoJo’s Jetty vineyards enjoy a northerly aspect in the Colo River Valley with bountiful day long sunshine. The alluvial deposited loamy soils provide a unique balance between fertility and moisture holding potential, to produce abundant grape growing conditions. Bud burst usually occurs in the first week of September, six months prior to the harvest season of February and March. During the warmest and driest part of the growing season we use supplementary irrigation, sourced from the fresh waters of the Colo Valley River, to ensure that we can always maintain the strength of the vines, no matter what El Nino and La Nina may throw at the viticulture from time to time.

The style of our reds is not that of the traditional big and chewy, long cellaring Aussie Shiraz. Our style is driven by the particular river valley terroir of the Colo and the surrounding environment. It is an elegant and medium bodied style, boasting the red fruits of springtime.

Our Merlot grapes are normally ready for harvest soon after the Semillon and weeks before the Shiraz. Again, our style is quietly elegant and focused on emphasising the special fruit characteristics of our vineyard.

The signature fresh citrus of the Colo Semillon leads with a distinct and full entry to the palate. We also access some of the Sauvignon Blanc from the high altitude and cool climate region of NSW. This enables us to offer our special JoJo’s Jetty Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blend, retaining the fresh citrus of the Colo Semillon, complemented by abundant melon and pear characters unique to Sauvignon Blanc.

Take a closer look at some of our grapes below.


In the early colonial settlement days along the pristine Colo riverlands, citrus was grown in abundance and transported by boat to Windsor and then overland to Sydney.

Little wonder that this same terroir produces a quintessential Semillon, with its lemon and lime and green granny smith apple flavours in this award winning low alcohol (10.5%) wine.

A 2016 category winner in the Australian Small Winemakers Show, this wine carries winemaker PJ Charteris’ signature low alcohol of 10.5%.


Semillon Sauvignon Blanc:

We wanted to make our signature Semillon grapes accessible to wine lovers who enjoy a softer palate entry than our pure-play Semillon. So we challenged our winemaker, PJ Charteris, to develop a blend of NSW Sauvignon Blanc with our estate grown Semillon. This he did ...... indeed our Sem/Sav Blanc wine is now our biggest seller!


When planting our first Shiraz vines in 1999 and 2000, we were guided partly by the Colo River valley terroir, its alluvial and loamy soils, frosts in winter and heat in summer; but also and importantly by what our family and friends enjoyed ........ a medium weight and smooth Shiraz.

Not a big chewy red, rather a welcoming lower alcohol wine displaying lots of fresh plums and blackberry flavours. And a mild peppery spice from our 20-year-old vines compliments but never overpowers.


Similar to our Shiraz, we aspired to produce a medium weight mellow Merlot yet full of dark berry character. We wanted to enjoy a bottle without a headache: Our Merlot offers a soft entry, exhibiting dark berry flavours with cherries and blackberries and rarely runs above 12% alcohol.


At last, it’s okay for gentlemen to enjoy a Rosé too! For many years we have made very small quantities of Rosé, just for ourselves to enjoy. On the back of friends’ requests and a demand upsurge for Rosé around the world, we now produce JoJo’s Jetty Rosé derived from a blend of our handpicked red grapes, definitely a fine and dry estate wine.

Our viticulture is managed by our vineyard manager, Patrick Schridde, a German-born young man who completed his wine studies at the Hunter Valley TAFE College. We drive for sustainability with organic mushroom composting and mulch delivered under the vines post pruning and prior to bud burst in Spring.

In recent years we have extended the practice of caning our vines to optimise quality and yield. Netting of all vines is essential by no later than New Years Day as the amazing numbers and varieties of grape loving birds otherwise beat us to the harvest. All harvesting is completed in the month of February and March by family and friends.


Meet the makers

P-J Charteris


With more than 30 years’ involvement with the wine industry, as grape grower, winemaker and wine judge, PJ is still always on the quest for that special piece of dirt that yields something unique that speaks of place. This search has led P-J across many of New Zealand and Australia’s finest grape-growing regions and around the planet. From California and Oregon, to the Rhone Valley of France, from Burgundy to Barolo and lots in between.

P-J now splits his time between the Hunter Valley in Australia and Central Otago in New Zealand where he makes Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling under his own label, Charteris Wines. When not immersed in wine and vineyards, P-J spends time judging wine shows across Australia and is currently the Chairman of Judges at capital city, state and regional level for several wine shows.

In 2010, we were delighted to welcome P-J as the consultant winemaker for JoJo’s Jetty. P-J continues to bring his passion, skills, art and science to create our wonderful wines from the Colo Valley.

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