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The Great Reopening of 2021

It's already been dubbed as 'The Great Reopening'.

Finally, after more than 18 months of seesawing lockdowns, restrictions, false starts, and more lockdowns again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our venues will reopen again, with a (no doubt rocky) path mapped out in newly announced roadmaps from the NSW & VIC governments.

No matter whether you’re hotly anticipating reopening or gearing up for a bump in trade, WINEDEPOT has you covered with services and resources to help make the coming months trading easier.

A big relief

For some venues, the pandemic has been the impetus to pivot, whether it’s a move to more online ordering, the launch of a takeaway option, or a rise in popularity in crafty liquor stores (thanks, quarantinis).

But for everyone else, The Great Reopening is just a relief. You can hear that first hand when talking to anyone in the liquor and hospitality industry (like in this Boothby interview with a brace of Sydney bartenders).

Buy now pay later

So many businesses have experienced cash flow challenges or a complete lack thereof. But with MARKET, you can buy now pay later with ZIP Business. With no minimum order and flexible terms, you can buy what your business needs for now and pay for it later.

Prefer opting for credit? Whatever suits your business, we’ve got it.

Real-life restaurant and bar reopening strategies

This extensive SevenFifty Daily article details some great ways to reinvent your wine program in a reopened world, in particular, the value of reducing your SKU count but pushing bestsellers to restore margin and expanding by the glass options. While not as polished, this list of 28 post-pandemic restaurant and bar tips is worth a look too.

Off-premise reopening strategies

While Americo-centric, this Salon feature is worth a read for an off-premise focus, reminding that although more people may be venturing out in a more open world, the shift to home delivery and personalised service is now ingrained.

What's trending?

In other trends, everyone agrees that canned cocktails - and canned wine for that matter - are booming and will only continue to boom in a lockdown-free summer. As we recently detailed on the blog, the modern wave of craft canned cocktails offers an extra edge of authenticity that traditional RTDs often lack. As a result, canned wine (especially prosecco & sparkling) is a category well worth expanding in your venue for the ready-to-go option.

Next-day delivery

If there is one thing that we can also promise is fast delivery. Given the much-publicised recent delays to Australia Post, it’s a pleasure to remind you that you’ll get next-day delivery (free for orders over $150) if you order by 1 pm from WINEDEPOT MARKET Monday-Friday. With our door-to-door tracking (using our own drivers), you’ll know exactly when your order will arrive too.

With over 1000 wines, beers, craft spirits, canned cocktails and loads more to choose from, get restocking!. Explore the selection here.

Image from Carla Kis-Schuller