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WINEDEPOT Discover - Blogs & Articles

Vegan Wine Isn't Going Away

Posted by WINEDEPOT on

Vegan Wine Isn't Going Away “Do you have any vegan wine?” For anyone selling wine in restaurants, pubs and bottle shops, you’ve probably heard this question before. And really, we shouldn’t be surprised - according to Euromonitor stats, Australia is the third fastest growing country for veganism in the world. Indeed vegetarian eating as a whole is enjoying unprecedented popularity. Roy Morgan research estimates 2.5 million people in 2019 (10% of the total Australian population) now eats all or almost all vegetarian. Although the number of actual vegans is hard to get a fix on, Vegan Australia estimates that there...

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Can It: Why Canned Drinks Are The Future

Posted by WINEDEPOT on

Why Canned Drinks Are The Future Only beer comes in a can, right? Sure, historically, beer was the main alcoholic drink that came in a can. Then, in the 1990s, cans had come for RTDs, with waves of whisky, vodka and rum finding a happy home in a tin. But now cans have come for wine and craft cocktails, and it’s promising to be a game changer for venues, providing convenience and COVID-safe practicality. That last part is especially important. The pandemic has fuelled a shift to ‘on-the-go’ offerings, with single serve, sealed drinks giving a sense of security to...

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Going French

Posted by Simon Curkovic on

Going French By Simon Curkovic | Sommelier, Cafe Sydney Getting customers heads around French wine is not necessarily about giving someone an encyclopaedic description about all the regions of France; this simply would take too long. Rather more important is to discuss essential differences. So, what are the main characteristics that make Australian wine different to French? Australian wine is often described as “sunshine in a glass” and this is very true. However, the essential character of French wine cannot be described in the same way with wines often “earthy, and savoury”, and less fruit driven. A trip to famed...

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Natural Wine Explained

Posted by Andrea Infimo on

Natural Wine Explained By Andrea Infimo | Head Sommelier, MoVida The past decade, thanks to increased environmental and ethical awareness, has seen consumers turning towards more wholesome products. This trend definitely hasn’t spared the wine industry. Raw, Naked, Lo-Fi or more popularly Natural Wine has found solid ground in the trendiest food scenes of Australia and the world proving it is no longer a niche drink supported by delusional hipsters. Non-manipulated wine has been produced since the dawn of agriculture, with Georgia being its spiritual home. Nevertheless, the modern natural wine movement only started in the late 60s in Beaujolais...

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An Italian Affair

Posted by Morgan Dunn on

An Italian Affair By Morgan Dunn | Sommelier, Coda ‘Oho! A sommelier, eh? What’s your favorite wine?’ I’ve had my answer ready for years. French? Love it when I can afford it. German? Sign me up. South African, Spanish or Portugese? Yes, yes, yes. But it’s Italy that holds my vinous soul. I adore Italian wine. Years working in an Italian restaurant and a disproportionate number of Italian mates have only pushed the obsession along (Italian friends are like that; you can never have just the five). And when it comes to Italian grape varieties you can never have just...

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